Sjamsul Nursalim – Business Leader in Southeast Asia

Sjamsul Nursalim is an Indonesian business leader. Through his involvement in the tire and retail industries, he has become recognized as one of the wealthiest executives from Indonesia. In 2016, Sjamsul Nursalim took the 45th spot on Forbes’ list of the 50 Wealthiest Indonesians. In 2011, Forbes Asia named him as the 19th richest individual in the country.

Over the years, Mr. Nursalim has primarily found success as the owner of Gajah Tunggal. The company, which specializes in the production of tires and related rubber goods, is the largest integrated manufacturer of its kind in Southeast Asia. Gajah Tunggal creates quality tire products for compact cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and more.

The year 2016 marked a particularly successful year for the company, which experienced share value growth of 80 percent over the course of 12 months. In the same year, the company received the award for Best Business Expansion in the Automotive and Component Industry during the Indonesia Living Legend Companies Awards.

Sjamsul Nursalim also has invested in the retail firm Mitra Adiperkasa, which oversees more than 2,200 stores in Indonesia. Outside of his professional pursuits, he and his wife, Itjih Nursalim, have three children.